Space Madness

Space Madness

  • Edgamer63
  • 1 year ago
  • Disqualified

In a galaxy not far away, and a very short time ago ...

Several star systems coexisted in a deep logical and ideological disjunctive, where colors are the main foundations of thought and understanding among the inhabitants of those places. This later gave rise to a profound bias that produced territorial disputes between the different factions that sought to defend their own interests and, of course, those who share them.

This soon became a gigantic battle between colors, which eventually became the longest war in the known universe, where only one side would be the supreme ruler of the universe.

Each battle is important for the proclamation of a side as the supreme in the entire universe.

Peek A Color for online Battles (Advanced Only Works for One Player)


THE VERSION HERE UPLOAD ERROR! : Messy letters in HUD (Jam things heh) Also, after the JAM i worked more to get a enjoyable game, because i loved this work. And the music, were not fully listenable , due to the MP3 Format :'( .

Beauty VERSION With good Music TOO! XD :

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Jupiter Hadley Jupiter Hadley Level 11

    Simple but nice game. I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • jetihako584
    jetihako584 jetihako584 Level 1

    Wow! This is a really good game, but i have an idea:

    -Add Ship Mods: Like uploadable and editable ship skins .

    I wait your answer attentively!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Wow, it is clear how hard you worked on this game, like, how can one make it so professional within the 48 hours!? Impressive!. The art alone, is great!, makes me wonder how can such techniques with asteroids be done,.. I want to be so good, so I searched and found a source of good art like this:

    I will definitely consider to use these in the next Game Jam!.

    Still I am not believing how much work is done here! For many people it would take many weeks to do as much work as you did in 48 hours! . Any tips?. That alone should give you good chances to win...

    I looked for a video where there was a link, but there is none, but found a cool channel, if that is your's then I must say you have many talents :D ... I have no friends to play Online... so... it is hard to judge on thematic... But amazing that you do that too and give me a mode to play with no friends,.. also it shows your dedication that you gave us a better version to judge your game and not only gave us the first version... not everyone works so hard!. And don't worry about trolls, they just attack your success :(.

    With just everything... Good job!

    PS you make text white like this... **text to be white** and find more formats here,..

    • Edgamer63 Edgamer63
      Level 2

      Yeah, i know a lot and very deep GML .... I experimented very much things in This program, i have done the unbelievable... Like, Loading Files and download from a Server using Gamemaker game, or list a directory with a beauty HUD, or just do insane 3D Things, A serverlist with Servers locations and encryption, like: "Now i'm a guru or something?" XD... That's why i come here, to try to win the licence for upload content! :D , so, i also learned a lot with my favourite game creator engine :3 , so... Wait, because i'm doing some crazy shit hahaha xD

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    SINGLE PLAYER DOESN'T EVEN make so much sense with the thematic, but you can personalize colors and fight for your color in online... Good way to add more than a single gamemode in Game, also Fulfilling the objective of the competition.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Everything in the game is aesthetically constructed, and the textures fit perfectly with the theme.

    It has a good design, and it is a very good game, it has almost everything well done, so, it goes on like this

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Hey Dork! How about you make sure you get rid of videos of your game from before the jam if you wanna break the rules.

    Rule 4 states: "Game and artistic content must be created in the 48 hours" so like, have fun making fake reviews or whatever. I guess you can waste your own time if you want...

    also if your gonna make a game, at least make it from scratch and not use one of YYG's tutorials.

    EDIT: you deleted the video. Thats exactly what you shouldnt have done, now we know you are hiding something

    • Edgamer63 Edgamer63
      Level 2

      Scratch? Dork?

      2 guys insulting and it says 'is a peaceful community' ?... and do it as an anonymous? Well , is annoying ... why i cant report? ... oh

      I only hope you are trolling? It's disgusting :/


  • Counterblast
    Counterblast Counterblast Level 1

    Oh shit! Why Did the servers are empty? :( , THIS GAME AMAZED ME , i think it can get more Songs.

    Also, a better worked Online if you keep working it as you said!.

    But judging strictly the Game Jam Version, i can say that the entire game is just so good for a 2 day work...

    This Game is Good AF anyways xD, also Expert mode is Insane, it remembers me "Touhou" .

  • Vicente_Flores

    Well, This game is so good in everything, because it seems to be worked by an experimented developer ...

    I personally like the work done in the sprites, because it's to beauty in it's own thematic, or at least i think it is!.

    Also, i loved the effects of explosions and ... Online? Dude, you are a really good dev, i hope you can improve the Hud, because it can contains at least transitions, but the options are just super cool!

    Well Done my Friend!

    • Edgamer63 Edgamer63
      Level 2

      Well, the game design is based too in holographic menu disokay, so i must learn how do a SciFi Transition works, before i implement this to a new version!.... Thank you Vicente from CGM! :D

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    The music is epic, if it seems that one is in space playing and fighting to defend your color and survive from the asteroids! ...

    Another thing, the technical aspects of the game seem to me to stand out, since it has many options for the name, sound, music, even a colored RGB. Even the Menu to create servers, is very customizable.

    Although I would like to ask for more maps and game modes, I think that this game is very much like a Game Jam in good hands.

    • Edgamer63 Edgamer63
      Level 2

      Ok, that sounds razonable, because in the Online of the GMJam version i only worked for TDM Gamemode, that is so good for playing a match quick.

      I have ideas to add gamemodes like:

      -TC. -Destroy the enemy planet. -Resistance (Eliminate the invaders with the remaining reinforces).

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Buen juego amigo! Espero que ganes, saludos desde colombia :D .

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Hello, just to inform you, you should have checked the rules before updating/submitting your entry. It is against the rules to update your game, or more specifically to invite people to play the updated version to RATE. You should in the opposite invite people NOT to rate it based on the updated version. It's in all fairness to all other people who had to stick with their broken version of the game. Otherwise, everyone would have updated version to show.

    Also, the fake accounts are... pretty obvious ^^'

    Please. Stick by the rules. Don't cheat. It is not a blood fight kind of competition. We're a friendly community and want to compete in all fairness.

    Read the rules next time, please ^^

    • Edgamer63 Edgamer63
      Level 2

      The fact that you don't know the game, doesn't make that nobody know and PLAYED AT LEAST THE GAME. Another thing, I started to love the game and that's why I made updates :D , and some people had taken consideration on this. And of course, it's my first game and i'm going so well ...

      Another thing, i'm going up by forums that want me to improve my skills... So, i don't care so much if you don't even do a gameplay on my game, i would rate your game because i see the gameplay, but... I consider that you got sufficient help with the stream on youtube, so, well, good luck


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Just a very good game! ... I think you should win this entry, because i can see that there's a lot of good stuff and a lot of work in this game :D

  • nikuji_konoza

    To tell the truth, if I judge you by the technical feat you achieved in jam, I find it impressive! . I would highlight the fact that you decided to update the game even shortly after the jam. This for me denotes that you have dedicated yourself to doing technical things excellently well. It shows that you are a quality developer, so ... KEEP IT UP!

    Also multiplayer is very funny, is ... just something that is hard too see done in GM.

  • PokkeGik
    PokkeGik PokkeGik Level 1

    GOOD JOB! I loved this game, because it add more than the original Thematic and it it's impressive!, I only hope that you can win this Contest!.

    Good luck!.

  • jimmy_jo9
    jimmy_jo9 jimmy_jo9 Level 1

    Good! That's Awesome that this game includes more than the original thematic, because only online mode, fully follows the Game Jam Thematic. It's of the ones that have a online mode!.. IMPRESSIVE.

    But you could added a single mode with ship of other colors as enemies so..

    Good job, i hope you get more Ratings, because this game worth it!

    I've got friends and enjoyed it playing together xD.

  • FrogWax
    FrogWax FrogWax Level 5

    I'm afraid I can't judge you on the 'fixed' version. Many people who had great entries had to upload a broken version due to time or mistakes. I, personally, had the same problem. But have left my broken one online, as this was my own fault for not solving and fully playtesting in time.

    You can link your working version, but ask people to play it 'after the jam' for feedback reasons.

    I was impressed at the UI, and I was intruiged to see a multiplayer mode there. Multiplayer games don't tend to do too well in jams, as they're generally not very engaging when played solo. I'm afraid the same can be said for this, the solo gameplay was the traditional asteroids style. the tilting sprite and 3D asteroids were very nicely implemented however. It all looks and feels great, I just think you should have focused on the theme and on single player a bit more.

    • Edgamer63 Edgamer63
      Level 2

      It was to fix the akward thing of the uploading .... but well, thank you!, i really love to develop this game , because it's simple and quite beauty. I love this type of honest criticism, so i really respect your opinion, i would rate your game if you had uploaded one :D ! .

  • Lyra
    Lyra Lyra Level 2

    I enjoyed the design of the menus, the space theme and the audio. Unfortunately, the gameplay (in solo at least) is just Asteroid, and I don't see anything incorporating the theme of the jam into it.

    As much as I would like to commend your technical work on setting up a multiplayer, I personally don't think it is a good idea to make that the focus of your game in a jam. It would have been a lot more enjoyable for the player if you used that time working on the core concept of the game instead, in my opinion.

    • Edgamer63 Edgamer63
      Level 2

      Well, that's a good apreciation ... but, I consider that the "Online" is the one that fully complies with the theme :3 , only that I added that of the asteroids in the "One player", as a practice mode.

      I can not think what else can go to achieve the goal more than what was proposed in the game, for now.

      But at least it fulfills the objective of the theme, so ... I will not worry so much for now. Likewise, thank you very much for your feedback, I hope you have downloaded the version of the link and not the download of gm48 .... because it keeps auto-updated :D .

      It obviously happen everytime you add more work over and out the thematic hahahah.


  • Oliver Spicer

    Really like the sound effects and great job on making it multiplayer ( that must've been some tricky code ). The menu system is also excellent and now I really want my game to have those settings.

    Thought the game could relate a bit better to the theme though, I didn't really feel like ' colors were important'.

    Thanks for the game, Oliver :)