Space Madness

Space Madness

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In a galaxy not far away, and a very short time ago ...

Several star systems coexisted in a deep logical and ideological disjunctive, where colors are the main foundations of thought and understanding among the inhabitants of those places. This later gave rise to a profound bias that produced territorial disputes between the different factions that sought to defend their own interests and, of course, those who share them.

This soon became a gigantic battle between colors, which eventually became the longest war in the known universe, where only one side would be the supreme ruler of the universe.

Each battle is important for the proclamation of a side as the supreme in the entire universe.

Peek A Color for online Battles (Advanced Only Works for One Player)


THE VERSION HERE UPLOAD ERROR! : Messy letters in HUD (Jam things heh) Also, after the JAM i worked more to get a enjoyable game, because i loved this work. And the music, were not fully listenable , due to the MP3 Format :'( .

Beauty VERSION With good Music TOO! XD :


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