Color Your Way

Color Your Way

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Play on Windows if possible for best experience

Paint your path through each puzzle. Create pathways on the fly, and abuse the powerups they grant. Each color has a different effect, so use them to your advantage in whichever way you see fit.

alt text


WAD / Spacebar = move and jump

Left Click = paint/erase

E = swap between paint brush and eraser tool

F = Interact

Click on colors at the top right to swap between


Dark Gray = Normal

Red = Speedup

White = Low gravity

Orange = Right click toward the paint to "Paint Jump" (rocket jump) off.

Pink = Shrink player model

Yellow = Portal between yellow paints.


-Each color has a certain amount of paint. If you run out and feel you can't complete the stage, either fall off or press pause and then the restart button.

-Yellow is a little bit clunky to use sometimes. Make sure there is space on the top of each side to teleport through.

-Level 8 (the final level) is impossible. It had to be the damn last level.


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