• singleshot
  • 10 months ago
  • 38th



This Is my Little Game I put together for This GM48.

You play a Small Goo Creature, trying to fling his way back to his friends.

navigate maze like courses, as gravity acts as your enemy or ally.


I've been wanting to make a game with a Planetoid gravity engine for a while so why not now?

I had Fun Making it, up until I got to level dosing and realized I have no clue how to make good

levels for a game like this.

But with all said and done. it nice to have this all done.




This game is control with just the mouse.

left button will launch the player, and skip the intro.

right button will stop you from bouncing.

scroll wheel will zoom in and out the camera.



This time I had a music guy.

he only got one song done but NO more market place assets for me.

StarLight - lavareef.

I would have publish this as a team game, but I all ready published the draft when he ask to join.

Thank you all For Playing my Game!


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