Face The Wind

Face The Wind

  • Nick Ver Voort
  • 9 months ago
  • 14th


Face The Wind

In a dystopian future, when people die they become cyberghosts. Their body can be recovered automatically... for a fee. Explore the rooftops of this neon-tinged city, meet the locals, and have your own brush with death... over and over and over!

How to play

The arrow keys move you in both human and cyberghost form. When NPCs have a dialog option you can press the Q key to accept it. Once you come into possession of the Respawn Bracelet, you can respawn by pressing T in cyberghost form.

When is it over?

This jam serves as essentially the opening chapter of a potentially large adventure. It's my mistake for picking a genre not well suited to game jams. Think of this as demonstrating the mechanic and setting a cool scene! Once you've crossed the bridge and seen the second "No Ghost" sign you've seen the whole area, but you can feel free to poke around and play with the mechanics. It ends when you feel like it!


I made the entire thing myself, with about 8 hours of total time spent according to Game Maker. The fonts are from Chevy Ray's pixel font collection

Tools Used

  • Game Maker Studio 2 (obviously)
  • Aseprite (this tool rules)
  • PreSonus Studio One for the music/sounds

Screenshots Plz

OK you've been patient, here they are. Check it out and go play the game! Please give me your feedback

Title Screen Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


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