• wiz4rd
  • 1 year ago
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Use your mouse/touchpad/trackball/hand to play this game!

Take the right decisions to keep your states alive as long as you can.

RESS is:

  • A short for congress distress.
  • A non-existing nation that you will have to manage.
  • A funny game created by JCx64 for the 30th edition of GM48.

Have fun! My highscore is 145.

Thanks to:


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  • Tero Hannula

    This was pretty decent game, I enjoyed it for a bit, managed to get 67 points ^^ The graphics were bit simplistic, maybe more detailed could have worked as there is nothing else to the game? Good job :)

  • Mohamed_DKD
    Mohamed_DKD Mohamed_DKD Level 2

    Good things first! Awesome game! played it 4 or maybe 5 times, which is a huge positive sign :D, and for your reference, my highest score was 66 [you technically cheated, since you know exactly what each thing increase/decrease, so I won't compare myself with you XD]

    Now to the negatives x_x! you need to convey the style of the game from the name and banner, because until I actually played the game, i thought it was going to be some random colorful game and not a detailed political simulation game (which is actually something I love). Another major disadvantage of the game, is that it is too fast (as someone who is just playing the game, you can't expect me in a few second decide whether a particular state needs cannabis or space exploration!. Also, the game didn't actually feel like it implemented the game jam theme perfectly (although I do get the no death state pun XD) . Another thing that is really important, is that the losing sound always gave me jump scares! so lower its volume and change it to something less sudden (maybe I am a scaredy-cat but having a jump scare by the same sound 3 different times, is definitely not suppose to happen in a simulator game!). Also, the sound effects are way too loud compared to the game music

    All in all, I really enjoyed the game, and my rant is basically me trying to see this game in an even better form ^__^

    • JCx64 JCx64
      Level 3

      Glad to see you liked it! Actually I'm working on an improvement in the graphics, sounds and timings (with Android and Web versions) to release it after the jam ends.

      And it's not you, the losing sfx scared the hell out of me now that I replayed it :)

  • Fachewachewa

    Interesting twist on the reigns formula! The timer and multiple states to manage at once were really brutal at first, but it's really fun.

    On a more negative note, I had to lower the game sound a LOT because of the text sound effects and I barely heard the music anymore :/

    • JCx64 JCx64
      Level 3

      Thanks! I generated every sound in the last hour before submission, I didn't tested it at all :)

      Now I have played again and I get it, the SFX can be even scary at some points

  • Yosi
    Yosi Yosi Level 16

    This is an interesting idea. The choices became repetitive after a bit and it got pretty crazy after having multiple states but it was still fun to play.

    • JCx64 JCx64
      Level 3

      Thanks! I left just 100 questions to let people try to remember them.


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