Fraug, the Mighty Prince

Fraug, the Mighty Prince

  • MegaFlop Studios
  • 9 months ago
  • 47th



As Fraug goes along there are many enemies. Fortunately, Fraug has a super power. He has the ability to change into any enemy he comes in contact with. Go Get 'em Fraug!

(Also the first sign should say, press v to change back to Fraug)

WASD to move and jump. Right Click signs to read them. V to become Fraug again.


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Oh no. This is the end. My only friend the end.

New updates: in a newer version I have heard your complaints, I added a new character called Target who cannot move and fixed quite a few of those signs. Although the game is still hard, it is no longer impossible. Most should be fixed except the gun problem that only a few people ran into.

Thank you so much for playing my game and hopefully our game next year will be much much better!

Result 47th