Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight

  • Tasaina
  • 1 year ago
  • Disqualified


A rogue-lite action brawler. You must decide which battles to fight and which to run from. If your health drops to 0, you flee automatically and lose some gold. Upgrade your gear and level up until you beat the boss.

INSTRUCTIONS: WASD - Movement Left click - Attack Space - Dodgeroll F - Toggle Fullscreen Enter - Quick restart game

To complete a level, simply reach the end of it. In each level, destructable walls will spawn. Just hit them enough and they will break.


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  • Tero Hannula

    I like how you tried give more depth to the game with this system, but game felt bit repetitive. Too bad there wasn't any sounds. The orc looked good, but it's not by you? If it is your first jam game, well you have to start from somewhere ^^ These jams are good time to experiment and try new things, and get feedback.

  • Professor Stein

    The dodging towards the mouse seemed odd to me and for the whole intro bit I was thinking that the dodge just always went to the right (i feel like a player direction based dodge would have been much nicer) but the gameplay was oddly fun once I figured out where I was actually dodging! Your main character's sprite animation was quite nice too and the boss was very epic. It's a shame it didn't have some type of bumping music as that would have added a very nice dynamic. Goodjob though, there is only up to go from here!

  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    You're not allowed to use art from asset packs that aren't available free on the YoYo Games Marketplace (as far as I can tell, the ones you used aren't - but do correct me if I'm wrong!) 😟

    • Tasaina Tasaina
      Level 2

      Oh that's my bad, I misunderstood the rules.. thanks for pointing it out

  • Zugai89
    Zugai89 Zugai89 Level 2

    While the idea isn't bad, it is a bit weird to evade diagonally based on mouse position, if you can only attack sideways. An "enemies remaining counter" would be one of the things I'd add. Also seems there is no "room clear" flag and the quest status changes to "failed" if the timer passes the quest limit, despite the win conditions being fulfilled ahead of time. The way combat is handled otherwise is pretty nice. You can fluidly chain attack combos and evasion rolls to even take up multiple enemies at once (if their attacks are timed well).

  • Boreality
    Boreality Boreality Level 4

    Pretty good, but can you please somewhere include the controls? I only figured out dash halfway through my playtime, and after beating the boss i'm still not sure how to leave a room with gold, regardless of whether I succeeded or failed the challenge. Other than that you have a fairly solid game

    • Tasaina Tasaina
      Level 2

      Thank you for giving feedback. My bad for forgetting to include instructions at least in the description, since I ran out of time for an in-game tutorial. I'll be editing the post to include that.


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