Larry: The other end

Larry: The other end

  • RedShopGames
  • 6 months ago
  • 25th


Larry is an average guy however when it comes to the after life it turns out he is a master. He can switch from life and death in an instant by killing himself! Or by another force. He has 50 coins scattered in both dimensions, Larry had a hole in his pocket whilst traversing through life and death.

About the game: I did not have time to add in a win screen unfortunately so I am hoping that 50/50 will do! This is my first game jam I have ever done so there is a few bugs that I did not get time to iron out as I am not as adept to GameMaker as others. There are limited sounds as I am new to making sound effects.

Controls: Press Enter on the main menu to get into the game

A & D allow for movement W & S allow for movement on ladders Spacebar allows for jumping F in the overworld allows you to snap your neck Press alt and enter to go into fullscreen (I was just about to implement this until I checked the time remaining on the counter!)


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