> You are Creativity. You live in a musician's mind. You need to escape creative block by finding the sound of 5 instruments spread around the stage [headphones recommended]. Pay attention to the sounds to find all instruments. The nearer you are, the louder it will be from the side the sound is.

> The songs are a "rock-ish" arrangements of classical music (the links are for the actual game songs): > Mozart's Symphony No. 40 > Beethovens's Für Elise > Chopin's Nocturne Op. 9 > Bach's Air on the G String

> The control instructions are in-game. You can play on keyboard or with an Xbox controller.

> Watch the game trailer here

> Some new screenshots: Musician's Mind Stage 1 - Symphony No. 40 Musician's Mind Stage 2 - Für Elise Musician's Mind Stage 3 - Nocturne Musician's Mind Stage 4 - Air on the G String

> Have fun!


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