Insect Invasion

Insect Invasion

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Insect Invasion

On a dark and gloomy night a portal suddenly opened to another dimension. This doomed dimension was filled to the brim with bugs, bugs everywhere! At first the humans tried to aproach these alien insects with peaceful intent, but it became immediately apparent that the bugs had a different plan. A brave hero decided to venture out into the unknown dimension and try to find a way to stop this evil from spreading. He realized that if he collected enough bugs the dimension would lag so much that it became unplayable and thus force the bugs to give up. You must now take control of that hero so that he can fulfill his quest.


  • Move - A and D
  • Jump (and Dubble Jump) - W
  • Crouch - S
  • Shoot - LEFT CLICK
  • Map - TAB
  • Restart game - CTRL + R


  • Collect all the green bugs before the timer runs out.
  • Use the map to guide you.
  • Shoot enemies to extend the countdown.
  • You start with 10 Ammo and 5 health.
  • Recover ammo and health by collecting pickups.


Normal mode:

Start with a small level. After you've collected all the bugs in it, a new, harder level Will be generated. If you die, the level gets regenerated and you have to try again. You win by completing a total of three levels.

Endless mode:

Play through an endless stream of levels until you die. You get a score determined by how many bugs you collected.

Map notation:

  • Red - Enemies
  • Orange - Spikes
  • Green - Bugs
  • Blue - Health or ammo pickups
  • White cross - You

Ending (In case you missed it):

The hero accomplished his goal and the portal closed, but, our hero had to sacrifice himself in the process. The hero and the bugs are now destined to spend an eternity stuck in the doomed dimension because it lags so much.


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