Boom n Boom

Boom n Boom

  • battleZays
  • 4 months ago
  • Disqualified


Little shooter :D

Something i forgot to tell the player in the game is to shoot crates to get coins

You can't shoot crates if you are touching them, Its something i couldn't fix :l


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  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    Sure it was pretty short, but at least it didn't outstay its welcome! If it was much longer, I feel it would've needed some more mechanics. When I saw the weird green block in one of the levels, I thought there was going to be another mechanic, but it turns out nope lol

    I like the character's design. Looks like some sort of walrus/mole fusion 🤔

    • battleZays battleZays
      Level 8

      Yup its a walrus :D, The green wall was a last second thing that i added, Thanks for the nice feedback!

  • WinuX
    WinuX WinuX Level 12

    I really like the all the visuals in the game! The character, the animations that play when you destroy/collect something and of course the backgrounds.
    The controls felt really good and sound effects were good aswell.

    Shooting boxes is fun, but it kinda lacked variety. some more things to do would have been nice. Maybe some enemys or other things to shoot at.
    Some music would have been nice too, a simple drum loop or some ambient sounds would be enough.

    But overall it's a really great foundation you could build on in a post jam game or something like that.

  • kbjwes77
    kbjwes77 kbjwes77 Level 14

    After shooting some boxes for no real reason, the game ended. Nothing really bad to complain about here, obviously it's missing content, but what you do have is solid. Maybe give the player a reason to not shoot boxes, or a reason to not shoot at all?

    • battleZays battleZays
      Level 8

      Oh really? I wonder why that happened, anyway Thanks for the nice feedback

  • havik
    havik havik Level 15

    I thought I recognised that art ... you had the sound issue on discord! Hello :D!

    Not a bad start for a game - the sound effects and visuals from the gun/crates is pretty satisfying. You could add a timer or something for each level to add a bit of challenge to it, maybe some enemies, other blocks - lots of possibilities!

    • battleZays battleZays
      Level 8

      Yeah i'm the guy from discord thanks for the help bty, And i know i really do need some kind of timer and enemies just about everyone whos played or watched me play it has said add a timer or enemies xD I guess that just shows how much i need to add them, Thanks for the nice feedback.

  • Seltzy
    Seltzy Seltzy Level 24

    I shot some boxes. Actually felt really nice to play, but of course there's not much here.

    good work!

    • battleZays battleZays
      Level 8

      Yeah the game isn't long at all, Thanks for the nice feedback.

  • Merlo Fairhearth Greatest Adventurer

    I love the art in this game. Your character is super cute-looking, the objects are all around good, and the scrolling background is really neato. I also really liked how the end screen looked. I did encounter a bug, where on one level I couldn't move until my character jumped. The tutorial was good though. It seems several games didn't have time for one, but you had these nice graphics there and everything. However - I had trouble understanding the goal. Perhaps just a line saying - smash all the crates! would work. Or you could put the coin line with a slash, saying how many there are to get. I know you called it out in the description, but the not shooting while in a crate is really bad. Maybe you could make the crates solid? The levels are a bit same-y, though I imagine that is because of time limits.

    TLDR; Really good art, ok tutorial, a few bugs.

    • battleZays battleZays
      Level 8

      Alright so i wanted to make the crates solid but my collision code is really weird and i don't know how to make the player collide with more then one object, I am aware of the bug in one of the levels that you get stuck in the ground I knew it was there and all i had to do change the players position but forgot to, Thanks for the feedback!


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