• Jon Drobny
  • 4 months ago
  • Disqualified


Controls: Arrows keys: movement Space, when fully stopped: fish for artifacts Y/N to keep an artifact or throw it back

You are looking for artifacts to share from below the waters that have consumed your hometown. Everyday objects - there are no lost treasures here. Collect 3 of them to save for your time capsule.

After lots of technical problems, this game represents roughly 10% of the planned content for this gm48 - but there's are some fundamentals here that we are very happy with. This game was made by myself and Shane Keniley, after lots of struggling with git integration.

Music by Kevin MacLeod of Ambient sounds from "Free Sounds Library." Free Sound Effects Site.


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  • baku
    baku baku Level 40 Patron

    The idea behind this is really good. The small bits of info about the artifacts, hinting at what might have happened in the past, were quite interesting, and I liked the ending as well. As others have said the collisions were a little janky, and at first I was a bit confused about when I could search for artifacts - I thought I had to be in a specific location or orientation, but in the end it turned out I was still moving ever so slightly, but I had to be completely still.

    Using music from Kevin MacLeod etc. is unfortunately aginst the rules :(

  • kbjwes77
    kbjwes77 kbjwes77 Level 14

    Curious little exploration game. Not much in terms of gameplay, but the bits of info you got from the items you collected were unique enough to keep me playing. The collisions between the boat and the "landmarks" were frustrating and clunky. It made it difficult to become immersed in the gloomy, empty atmosphere you were trying to set. I think it's important to make sure your game's main mechanic is always the most responsive and predictable interaction. Still managed to complete the game and send my artifacts into space. Cool idea that would thrive with better execution!

  • Chris
    Chris Chris Level 13

    I like the animation of the boat and the propeller on it, the way it moves when you turn. The collision was a bit clunky against the structures but I enjoyed the game. Peaceful, and the music was nice.

    • Jon Drobny Jon Drobny
      Level 4

      Thanks for the feedback! The collisions were hacked together right near the end, so they're implemented pretty poorly - better collisions would've been great to have.

  • Aaron Montoya

    I'm curious what else would've been added to this! It was so peaceful boating around and seeing all the different little trinkets! :)

    • Jon Drobny Jon Drobny
      Level 4

      Thank you! Besides more base content, better collisions, etc., we really wanted to have a complete endgame sequence instead of simply a series of splash screens.


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