Defence from the Invaders from Space

Defence from the Invaders from Space

  • TheCyberTronn
  • 4 years ago



Defence from the Invaders from Space is a modern take on the classic game "Space Invaders", with a few key differences. Make sure to play the whole game through! Don't give up!


[A] and [D] or [LEFT] and [RIGHT] to move, and [SPACE] to shoot and accept menu options. (Get it? Space because Space? sorry.)

Other Information

• The game should last about 5 minutes if you manage to complete it first time. • The game contains an "Easy Mode" which, when activated, gives the player an extra life. I'd advise you not to turn Easy Mode on unless you're already attempted the game at least once. The game can, and has been completed without Easy Mode. • This game is pretty difficult. But, as the old saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" (and maybe turn on Easy Mode).


Due to the nature of the game, only one screenshot will be provided. The rest of the game should remain a secret. alt text


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