Brawny Brian and The Brain

Brawny Brian and The Brain

  • North Suns Entertainment
  • 1 year ago
  • 54th


We spent almost the entire length of the game jam pushing to create a super fun experience for you to enjoy! Unfortunately, we were too ambitious with our idea and we fell short on the completeness of the game. However, we have plans to continue development on this game and deliver the experience we hoped you would enjoy for this entry! The idea was to create a "turn-based" escape room that would be possible to complete in one turn if you knew all the right moves. In this entry, you will get to experience some of the ideas we had to make this game come to life. Instead, sneak your way through the level and take out the enemies so you can escape unscathed!


Brawny Brian lost his brain and you must act fast! Give up brute strength to use your brain and escape the lab before the scientists try more tests on you! Take control of Brian's body and have him punch enemies to keep them at a distance...also, they might know how to escape!


  • Left mouse click "Movement" or "Action" and create a sequence for your body to move.
  • Click on /RUN to start the sequence.


  • RadethDart: Game Design & Coding
  • Vampy3k: Art
  • Seitharyn: Animation & Level Design
  • LlamaSalamy: Music & Sound Design

Screenshots gameplay1 gameplay2 gameplay3 gameplay4

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  • Happysquared
    Happysquared Happysquared Level 14

    Thought the programming concept was cool! However it was a little buggy and I wasn't able to finish up the first level. I don't know if it was reading my commands right but sometimes I would get stuck on a wall.

  • Tero Hannula

    I think this looked nice and had nice idea, but I think controlling was bugging and therefore I couldn't explore the area well. And in long run, movement gets tedious as Havik said. Now you could make player to be able to write action patterns which player can record and execute (save 3 patterns etc.), so if player wants to quickly do a circle couple of times, player can record pattern and then it is new 'pattern' button, which you can choose.

    Here is my gameplay:

    • RadethDart RadethDart
      Level 13

      Thank you so much for your feedback! This is a great idea, actually, the patterns are such a great idea! I am so glad I decided to share this game even unfinished because everyone here has such great ideas for improved gameplay that I didn't even consider. Thank you!

      • Tero Hannula Tero Hannula

        It is usual to have unfinished game for jam as 48hours is short time ^^ So don't be shy to upload unfinished games. Many games are unfinished compared to their original idea, but they usually hide it well and lessen their scope to get 'finished package'.

        Though there is bit of competition, you should think these jams more of social and learning experience, and people can give you insightful feedback :)

  • havik

    Hmm. This is a cool concept - but sadly the execution is a bit buggy! The player gets stuck on the edges of walls etc so sometimes can't actually move into free spaces (I guess you're not snapping the position to the grid at the end of movement?). I'm also not entirely sure what inspect does as I tried to inspect a few things but didn't seem to get any reaction! I found myself just queuing up inspect, pickup and punch on everything to see if it did anything. I'd also like the camera to be unlocked from the player - to be able to look around the entire level, see where things are, plan your moves out. Currently, with only being able to see a little bit, you have to slowly explore around before you can really plan anything - and with the slow movement, that gets a bit tedious!

    But those comments aside - it's a cool game, the idea is something new to me, and I like it! Just need to touch up a few things and then I think it would play really well.

    Maybe you could highlight things which are inspectable, or pickupable, or just interactable in general?

    Cool idea, good start, has some good potential!

  • SpritePainter
    SpritePainter SpritePainter Level 17

    I absolutely love the concept, but there are some things that could be improved a lot. It seems that the character isn't locked onto a grid, because sometimes he seems to mis-align and not be able to move into an empty tile. Locking into the grid would help avoid this. As for the actions, I think it would help if you could specify a direction for the actions. I could never figure out where I was going to punch for instance, or if it would automatically punch the thing I was next to. I also couldn't see how 'inspect' was working, or if it wasn't. Finally, the menu interface was fine, but there were so few options that I would prefer for the buttons to just stay up at all times.

    Still, the concept is very cool and I would love to see it fully realized.

    • RadethDart RadethDart
      Level 13

      Thank you so much for your feedback! We plan on fixing a lot of the issues and fully fleshing out this game. It's a fun unique idea that we want to share with everyone!

  • Zen00
    Zen00 Zen00 Level 13

    Your idea seems great, reminds me of the Robot Programming sequence from The Castle of Dr. Brain. Unfortunately the UI isn't responsive and execution isn't very quick. I feel you should hide the UI while the execution is running, and make the camera free view instead of fixed to the character, so the player can view the entire lab and formulate a plan of execution. Probably needs some tutorial levels and such as well :)

    I can appreciate the idea though :)

    • RadethDart RadethDart
      Level 13

      Definitely going to add the free-look camera while the character is moving! Love the idea!

  • Chris

    I thought the concept was very original and has a lot of potential so big kudos for thinking of something that I've never seen before. There were times that I wish I could move freely but I understand why it makes sense to keep things turn based. Very cool game!

    • RadethDart RadethDart
      Level 13

      We had plans for a boss fight with beat 'em up style gameplay with WASD movement :P It will be in the final version as a mini game! Thank you for the kind feedback!