Traptastic is a sort of strategy type game where you need to avoid everything in the room in order to get to the end. This game wasn't made to be easy, however, so be careful!

Controls are just the mouse and arrow keys, but if you want to use a gamepad, the game is optimized to the left joystick.

I hope you enjoy and good luck getting to the end!

Dev Stuff This was a fun project to work on. There were times when things wouldn't work, but being honest, when do they the first time around, right? To be completely honest, there were so many test just to make the game possible to beat, so it was a bit frustrating at times. But hey, that just adds on the fun I had while tackling the issues. Overall, I feel this to be one of my best, considering the time involved. (Note: The graphics are simplistic, but they work.)

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