All in a Nights Work

All in a Nights Work

  • Anthony Northrup
  • 2 years ago


All in a Nights Work


It's a block-eat-block world out there, and you need to make it through the night. Use various weapons to defeat enemies from common thugs to corrupt cops. You may be weak, but with enough skill you'll do it, All in a Nights Work.


I tried to create a top down shooter that was simple in concept but challenging enough to have fun replay value. This being my first ever game jam I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it's actually pretty good. Thanks to everyone who chatted with me on Saturday in the twitch chat, it was fun.


WASD ~ Movement

R ~ Reload (when needed)

Left Click ~ Attack


Sounds ~ BFXR

Ideas ~ My bro

The Rest ~ Me, duh


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