Level, you are the only one!

Level, you are the only one!

  • Gabriel de Lima Carioca, Augusto Miranda Garcia, Caio Piologo Fernandes, Gabriela Shima
  • 2 years ago


First of all, I appreciate that tehwave has worked hard and long to submit my game. I promise to repay my debt in sincere thanks and delicious beer.

You are destined to save the planet, and for that, Level must be the last standing man. Destroy all the spawners and be the only one alive.

In a jam full of nightly terrors, energy going down, mouse and git problems ended with this! The game is unfortunately incomplete, but some of the mechanics we wanted are there, like being able to possess enemies, and some weapon stuff. This was our first try on using gamemaker, and we appreciate how the community helped us with what we needed.

Credits go to: Ambize Studio Developers: Gabriel de Lima Carioca, Augusto Miranda Garcia, Caio Piologo Fernandes Artist: Gabriela Shima

Fonts from http://www.1001fonts.com/ Metropolis NF Font, from (Nick Curtis)[http://www.nicksfonts.com/] Orbitron Font, from (The League of Moveable Type)[https://www.theleagueofmoveabletype.com/]

Sound-effects generated in bfxr. link Music from Jukedeck - create your own at www.jukedeck.com.


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