Ye Only Live Once

  • DaveGames
  • 1 year ago


a and d to move left/right, space jumps, mouse click to swing the (unused) weapon. e opens chests and activates buttons. Collect as many gems as you can before the time runs out, while avoiding being hit by the black balls.

First game jam, actually managed to submit "something".

Learned a lot about aseprite, actually quite proud of the fact I actually didnt just give up after literally having about 15 ideas for games. As it was the game is missing a lot, was supposed to have a different spawn chance on each switch, and the chances were supposed to create mobs which the player would then have attacked ( hence the "weapons"). but yeah, work in the morning, so kindof more like a 20 hr game jam when you take out cooking, sleeping & family time, plus living in the future (nz) HAD A BLAST.


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