People Eating Tasty Animals: The Game

  • Myself, TheDumbGames
  • 3 years ago


"For years P.E.T.A (People Eating Tasty Animals) has been running, and today their \CEO had a deal with Kuntucky Fried Cows. The CEO sneaks into a farm and prepares to commence the deal"

This is a parody game based off PETA killing 86% of the animals they have took into care altogether. So exaggeration is going to be extreme.

You have to kill 86 cows and arrive at KFC to win. The faster you do it, the higher your high score will be. (Only will be saved to the global leader boards!)

-Dumbstorm(Everything but the music)

-Kevin Macloed (Music, link to his site here! He offers fantastic music for ANY project out there! So game devs, here is some music. His copyright system is explained on the site.)


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