Shape Haven

  • InjuredBovine
  • 1 year ago


Enter the arena to gather loot by killing the enemy shapes. Enemies spawn faster, are tougher, and drop better loot as the score timer increases as indicated by the big hand of the clock. You can speed this score timer up by shooting the closed gate at the center of the arena. Don't overdo it though! The gate only opens to let you out occasionally, for a limited time and at intervals not sped up by the score timer! The small hand of the clock lets you know when the gate will open next. If you die you lose all the loot you collected that round.
Back at the hub you can open the loot containers you collected, finding new items to equip and shape credits to improve those items. These will help you survive longer in the arena.


Move - WASD

Aim - Mouse

Gun - LMB

Ability - RMB

Use Item - E


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