In this game, you arrived completely unprepared for your final exam! Thankfully, you still have a few options to avoid ruining your grade. You can CHEAT on this exam! There are four methods:

  • Read off your cheat-sheet during the test,

  • Look up the information on your phone,

  • Sign with your friend to get the answer from him, or

  • Copy off the super-smart kid in front of you.

Each method has a different stealthiness and accuracy. The more accurate methods (Copy neighbor, friend) are also less stealthy and easier to get caught doing. The less accurate methods (cheat-sheet, phone) are easier to use without getting caught, but may or may not actually give you the right answer.

While testing, the instructor will also be walking around to make sure people aren't cheating. Don't let him see you cheat or you'll be sorry! It's best to cheat when he is far away, then quickly put it away if he starts walking towards you. Only issue is that you can't always see him if you're busy cheating off something!

So how good are you at cheating? Can you get a passing grade without ever even studying?

  • Mouse controls everything. Click to advance, click buttons to advance questions or to cheat. Click anywhere to stop cheating. When you're answering questions, click the LETTER of the answer you want. Click another letter to change your answer. You can't deselect an answer. (ALSO NOTE: If you clicked the cheat button and don't want to cheat, just click anywhere else on the desk to go back.)

  • F10 makes the game restart.

  • F11 toggles fullscreen.

  • Hold escape for one second to force-close the game.

Other Stuff

The test consists of 20 questions picked randomly from a large list. They cover all sorts of topics, from history to geography to people and so on. You're not supposed to know any of the answers (although you might know a couple!) so you need to cheat. As far as I know, all of the non-joke questions are correct. If they aren't... deal with it. I don't care it's not like I can fix them.

Edit: I did notice one of the questions says "chaet" instead of "cheat." Hopefully nobody gets that question ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I feel like I've made better games in the past but I'm still satisfied with this. Took me probably about 20 hours total work time to make and complete. Good job to everybody who participated!

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