Super Kitten Saucer Slingers!

  • InjuredBovine
  • 2 years ago


Jump back and forth across your saucer stacks and sling them at your enemy! Only one hit is needed for a take-down, but as everyone knows, cats have nine lives! The first one with any remaining is the winner!

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Intense, head-to-head gameplay!
Play solo against a relatively competent AI!
Duel a local friend, sharing a keyboard or using gamepads!
Or don't play at all and watch two AIs duke it out!
A dozen different cat colors to choose from!

Escape - Restart/Exit Game
M - Mute Music and SFX

Player 1 Keyboard Controls: A - Jump Left (change color in menu)
S - Crouch (toggle AI in menu)
D - Jump Right (change color in menu)
E - Sling Saucer!

Player 2 Keyboard Numpad Controls:
4 - Jump Left (change color in menu)
5 - Crouch (toggle AI in menu)
6 - Jump Right (change color in menu)
0 - Sling Saucer!

Gamepad Controls:
X - Jump Left (change color in menu)
Y - Crouch (toggle AI in menu)
B - Jump Right (change color in menu)
A - Sling Saucer!


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