Glass Cannon

Glass Cannon

  • AceDroo
  • 3 years ago


Developed for gm(48) - Theme: One Health

You are a Glass Cannon.... Literally. For years, you've have served your creator dutifully. However, the constant fear of destruction has haunted you throughout your life. Finally, you have decided that today will be the day that you rebel and force your master to make you a more durable body. It won't be easy, since his fortress is well defended and contains many death traps and obstacles. Perhaps risking your life in order to achieve a better one will be worth the effort?

'Glass Cannon' is a Platform Shooter in which the player controls a cute character that is literally a glass cannon-like robot: they can one-shot opponents but shatter completely if they are hit. Quick reflexes and timing will be deciding factors in whether or not you'll be an A-class gunslinger (or cannon shooter, I guess?) or another piece of broken glassware!

Contact me on Reddit: AceDroo

Background music used: 'Factory Time' by Visager

Glass Cannon - 1 Glass Cannon - 2


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