Jack Strong

  • rotatipyra
  • 2 years ago


If you're recording or streaming gameplay and FPS falls down to 30, try to go fullscreen (alt + enter).

If you are too busy to play, but desperately what to upvote my game - here's the reason to do so. Watch playthrough video.


  • Gamepad support.
  • One and a half level.
  • No game over screen.
  • Teeth-kicking soundtrack.
  • Ability to kill with a toothpick.
  • Ability to reap souls and tear bodies apart.
  • John Wick and John Constantine combined in one person (double Keanu, yay).

Controls: explained in-game.

Just in case - WASD / Arrows + Spacebar, gamepad Arrows and A / X button.


Possession Possession

Reap Reap


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