Osamu : The Slime Killer

  • Losmix
  • 1 year ago


This is a brutally hard game about young samurai called Osamu who is trying to save the world from dark slimes which attack human brains and force them to commit suicide.

How long will you survive?

How to play:

  • Add coin

  • Select game mode

  • Click start

  • Kill all slimes in the room

  • Change room by going through the door

This game features:

  • 20 main levels

  • Boss fight

  • Insane arena level

  • Gamepad compatibility

    Enjoy! :)



  • Move : W , A , S , D

  • Attack : K

  • Dash: L

Xbox controller:

  • Move : Left Analog Stick

  • Attack : X

  • Dash : B

Third Party controllers:

  • Move : Left Analog Stick

  • Attack : 3

  • Dash : 2

*note : Checkpoints are disabled to make the game harder


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