Wave Attack

  • Ieyfo (Charles Medeiros) , TheAakara
  • 1 year ago


Controls: Mouse Button Left: Shoot. Movement: Player follows the mouse cursor.

Game: You have 3 things on your GUI, first, you have your speed meter or how fast you shoot. This can go up and down. The ways it goes down is if a zombie exits the left part of the window or if your bullets don't hit a zombie. The way it goes up is by killing a zombie. Next, you have your kills these go up by killing zombies and are important as if you beat the game you want a high number of kills. Last is your wave counter this shows the current wave you're on.

Note: In order to kill the zombies you need to shoot the head.

Credit: Programming/Sound/Music By: @ieyfo (Charles Medeiros) https://twitter.com/Ieyfo Art By: @TheAakara https://twitter.com/TheAakara


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