• baku
  • 4 years ago



The chemical processes that occur within a living organism metaball in order to maintain life.

  • Jump around by shooting out goo and try to avoid collisions.
  • Shooting makes you smaller and faster, but be careful you don't get too small - or you'll die!
  • Pick up small pieces of goo to grow in size.


Works with keyboard, mouse, and gamepads (XInput/DirectInput)

Up / LMB / DPad or Stick Up: Shoot out goo to fly upwards
Down / RMB / DPad or Stick Down: Shoot out goo to fall faster
Shift / MMB / Start: Restart when dead
Escape / Select: Hold down to quit game
F11: Toggle fullscreen
1 / 2: Turn VSync on/off

Metaballism is a pretty heavy game, with all the particles and stuff going on. I hope it runs smoothly for you, but mileage may vary :(


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
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