Fear not the Reaper Man, for he likes games. Fear the games, they are not easy. Puzzles are the flavor this time. You are dying, so hop to it!

  • Simple box moving puzzle game.
  • Move powerboxes to their allocated slots.
  • Move with Arrow keys and get the Heart!


Due to an oversight (and hurry) you have to press N after grabbing the heart to continue to the next level.

The message to show the button to continue is unfortunately at the wrong depth level.

To other things about this project

Not quite as many levels or objects as I had wanted to create. Or as excellent graphics. Still a more complete project than few last times, I've participated.

I could not look much into the audio side. (Looping audio on the heart is another slight problem I had not run into, as I fixed the code so that the map would not change straightaway without prompt, thus the N-key prompt, though space might've been better).

Also I somehow removed the exit on the "You Win" room during the last 5 minutes before time limit.

Source code is downloadable, but due to half done ideas and the slight hurry at the end it might be a bit messy.


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