EDIT: It's probably a good idea to turn your volume down before you load up the game. I didn't realise at the time, but the music is incredibly loud :( I hope I don't hurt your ears!

This has been my first ever Game Jam, and it has been such a fun experience! Until now, I didn't know how much I could accomplish in 48 hours! I hope you enjoy the game that I've made!

Debug is a fast-paced endless shooter. As the programmer gets deeper and deeper into his code, the bugs are more numerous, more powerful, and even deadlier. How far will he be able to get before his microship is destroyed and lost amongst the tide of bits and bytes?

With online leaderboards, a talent tree system that allows customised player progression, and procedurally generated levels, Debug provides action-packed gaming that can be played over and over again.

More screenshots can be found here.

I completed all the programming, art (or lack thereof), sounds (using bfxr.net), and music (using licensed loops and Fruity Loops). I took about 10 lines of code from a previous project, to assist with sending data to my leaderboards.

If you like this game, then you might want to check out my other project: Faerie. I've been working on it since January 2015, and hope to someday make a living from both it and future game development projects!

Faerie is a fantasy platformer game that takes you on a charming adventure through a world filled with fairies, spirits, and spikes. With lush pixel art, light touches of humour, and carefully designed levels, Faerie will at once delight and challenge you.

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