Easter: The quest for the eggs

Easter: The quest for the eggs

  • Loates Oates Studios
  • 4 years ago
  • 46th

Take part in an endless faller. Catch Easter eggs and avoid all other traps and bribes from the Dentist. Never give up and try you're best to save Easter or else.

Extra important features that is cool: Every time you win the amount of eggs needed to win is increased by 10 ( this resets when you restart the game ) High score feature ( resets when you restart game - works well with other feature )

Controls: Enter for menu interaction Left and right arrow keys to move

Special thanks to: TheBestPlaysYT for the art and music and keeping me awake through this whole ideal. His youtube is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiFpJjlRykYajbAiyKxQI5w


Easter : Quest for the Eggs -

The Easter bunny was known as the most reputable icon. He had never failed a job. But today, might be different. The Dentist had recently became furious with all the chocolate eggs handed out by The Easter Bunny, so The Dentist came up with a nasty plot. He would steal all of the Easter Bunny’s chocolate eggs and throw them down a cave and Easter would be ruined. But, in the middle of his HEINOUS plan, he was caught by none other than the Easter Bunny himself. The Dentist threw the eggs down and ran. He had no choice. So he jumped..

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  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    The story / prologue was cute and a great introduction to the game.

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    The menu is pretty bad, while the art and sound in-game are kinda ok.

    The gameplay though it's definitely too simple, as the player can just move left and right, and that causes some unfair situations with unavoidable damage.

    The story is a nice touch though, and I like how you tried to make the theme fit with easter.

    This is not a bad game at all as your first entry, keep learning from these experiences and next time you'll probably make a way more polished game.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

    Something that hasn't been said yet, which I think would be an improvement, is giving the player a bit of vertical movement. It's a bit boring being stuck way at the top the whole time. Being able to move up and down, even just a little, would also allow the player to save eggs before they collide with money and otherwise salvage impossible situations that the falling patterns create.

    • Loates Loates
      Level 9

      Yes I 100% agree with that, I was hoping to be-able to implement it before the challenge ended but a huge game breaking bug popped up that had to be catered to. Nonetheless. Thank you for the feedback, I hope you enjoyed my game, and have a nice day. :]

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 34

    The game's simple, but kind of fun. I enjoy all the graphics for the bunny and other objects (though I don't understand why money hurts you). However, the menu is a bit of an eyesore. I do like the story narration, though.

    • Loates Loates
      Level 9

      To fix you're confusion, as put in the original story in the description the dentist is trying to bribe you with money. And in game it show's its bad as it destroys eggs. I understand where you're coming from with the menu and I wish I could've improved it. Thanks for the feedback

      • Loates
  • Nicko
    Nicko Nicko Level 5

    Interesting story and gameplay is promising. I like that you have audio for text.

    What I would change/fix:

    • Menu buttons should have a hover state. Something should change when mouse is over them.
    • The player hitbox (the collision mask) should be a few pixels smaller than the actual sprite. The same for the negative objects like money.
    • The eggs and other positive objects should have their hitbox slightly bigger, to counter the smaller hitbox you gave to the player.
    • I would try to find a way to avoid having situations where the player can't get the egg because it would collide with money no matter what, which means whatever the player does, he will lose one life.
    • When the player dies/fails give him a way to restart the game.

    These are quite easy fixes. The last one might be a bit more complicated, but I think that these will make the experience more enjoyable.

    Almost forgot. I think the music really fits with the gameplay. Good choice in my opinion.

    • Loates Loates
      Level 9

      Thank you for not only the compliments of the game but the tips and constructive criticism, all is appreciated and encouraged

      Here's a run-through of what I have fixed and changed:

      There is now a hover state for each button

      Collision masks have been tinkered with to improve the game

      There is no more impossible situations for the egg etc.

      There is now an easier way to restart the game.

      I have also improved and changed multiple variables to suit the balance.

      Once again thank you for all the support and if you find anything else please tell me

      • Loates
  • WangleLine 🌸
    • i can't use my mouse to navigate through the menu
    • Nobody wants to read a lot. Why don't you make a cutscene in which you explain the story? Or just tell the story in bitesized pieces throughout your game :)
    • Going back to the main menu from the story section plays the music twice
    • Make CLEAR which items hurt the player and which don't

    Edit: Everything i mentioned was fixed. Good job and good luck with your entry :)

    • Loates Loates
      Level 9

      Thank you for all the help and tips. It is greatly appreciated and is really helpful. I have took on board all your advice and updated the game with said fixes.

      The menu is now navigated via mouse

      The story text is shorter and now is also read out while accessing the menu

      The glitch to do with the menu has been fixed

      There is now a sound effect for each collision and a mini rule/tip section

      Please do try out the new build and if you find any tips/problems please share it here.

      Many thanks - Loates