Fire RUN

Fire RUN

  • Gbushprogs
  • 3 years ago
  • 39th


This will be my first entry in a game jam, and I'm happy to make it with Game Maker!

Descend the skyscraper in a mad dash to save yourself before the fire consumes you! Run from the flames, fight the flames with your fire extinguisher, die by fire...? It's your decision as you try to find the key you need to operate the elevator that can get you farther down the skyscraper.

Features: 2D side-scrolling action! Controller support or keyboard.

Use arrows and enter key or Dpad and button1 on a game pad to navigate the menus. For button mapping see description in game.


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  • Kwisarts
    Kwisarts Kwisarts Level 49

    Not gonna repeat what others said but i recommend to think of a better key mapping for keyboards as i found it tedious to control (each important control should be in reach and not force you to have weird hand positions; mostly talking about the CTRL key)

    • Gbushprogs Gbushprogs
      Level 3

      True. I started testing with controller and didn't get back to better keyboard key binds.

  • SpaceMyFriend
    SpaceMyFriend SpaceMyFriend Level 15

    Hey this is a great idea! Good use of theme! It was a bit frustrating at times because the players jump seemed to never be the same. Maybe it was just me. I wish the fire extinguisher would've felt a little more powerful. But other then that really good job!

  • Problematicar
    Problematicar Problematicar Level 36

    This has the potential to be a great game, you have nice level design and some pretty good ideas for both the regular enemies (Blue/Red Fire) and the Boss.

    But that's where it ends, music and art are pretty average, and the gameplay falls just short of that, you need to polish and balance things up a lot, if you do that I'm sure your good design choices will shine above all the mist.

    • Gbushprogs Gbushprogs
      Level 3

      Thank you for the positive feedback. I'm in the process of learning a lot about graphics. I recognize that as my weak point in design. I learned a lot during the competition. Maybe it's hard to believe my graphics were even worse!

      Thank you for playing and rating my game.

  • Veralos
    Veralos Veralos Level 33

    I don't think this is how fire works, but it's still an interesting way of making fire spread through the building none-the-less. Fighting the fire can be somewhat fun, but I wasn't fan of the level design - too many dead ends when trying to find the key/elevator. The graphics aren't the best, but some of the effects are cool. The sound is alright, though the music needs to be louder.

    • Gbushprogs Gbushprogs
      Level 3

      Thank you. I'm not good with music, so to speed music along I used a computer music generator. I turned the volume way down on it so it would fill the background, yet you couldn't hear how dissonant the notes were.

      If the keys were easier to get to, there wouldn't be much challenge in the game. Thank you for playing and your feedback. This was my first jam game and I learned a lot. As much by seeing how others create their 48-hour art as I did creating my game.

  • Joe Miller
    Joe Miller Joe Miller Level 19

    Overall I enjoyed playing, I liked the puzzle aspect of the stages more than the platforming elements, the running and jumping felt a little tricky once you get to where you can fall through the ground.

    • Gbushprogs Gbushprogs
      Level 3

      That's true. I realize now I could have made the running acceleration a little higher and the top speed a little lower to make some of those jumps still challenging yet make the controls feel a little more responsive.

  • QuantumZen
    QuantumZen QuantumZen Level 2

    Took me a while to get used to the stairs, but after few minutes I was using the "walk off" feature to my advantage. No way this would be a feature for 48h marathon, but a minimap would make it more fun (and yes, less challenging, I know, I'm going easy on myself :) ) A fun game, overall. Good concept to build on, too.

    • Gbushprogs Gbushprogs
      Level 3

      Thank you for the feedback. I realize I could have not only strengthened the attachment to the theme, but would have been a neat feature to make the levels map seamlessly to a very tall tower. Then a map would have really helped! I get lost on about the 6th level myself. I opened it again to play just yesterday and got lost on almost every level, LOL. Part of the challenge. I still haven't beaten it on hard. This has been a great learning experience for me.

  • Kevin
    Kevin Kevin Level 1

    What they said

  • Jesse
    Jesse Jesse Level 1

    Very interesting and difficult game. I made it to level 6 and died in flames, but I got to moonwalk into those flames so it was worth it. I would certainly advise using a controller. Maybe sometime in the future a storyline about how the flames started in this luxury hotel would be cool. I caught no major glitches in the process of playing this as well so it's built pretty solid. I'll continue playing and provide an update.

  • Josh Wilson
    Josh Wilson Josh Wilson Level 1

    The concept of the game was good. Lvl 4 was extremely hard which is awesome, but there's apart in lvl 4 that just make it a lil touchy when using keyboard. It was hard to jump across this one spot in the game due to space and gap in the ground. I did see that it's compatible with a controller and which it seems like it's best supported for a controller. Over all though. Good work!!!!!! I loved it, I'm still trying to get further than lvl 4 but it is great!


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