Laser Panic!

  • Brandon Song
  • 2 years ago

Trapped in a strange area, Laser Wolf finds himself trapped in a experiment of survival, oh no!

increase you score by destroying enemies with your laser gun! increase your damage by creating mirror blocks and deflecting your lasers off of them! if you obtain enough kills, use your killstreak to wipe out your enemiess


WASD or UDRL - move

left mouse button - shoot

right mouse button -When cursor is not above a mirror block, it will place them (you can drag) -if the cursor is above a mirror block, it will destroy them (you can drag to destroy them)

space or middle mouse button - removes blocks where you cursor is

R - quickly remove all blocks

1 uses speed boost buff killstreak

2 uses triple shot buff killstreak

3 freeze enemies killstreak

4 nuke killstreak

esc - returns to main menu, else it will exit the game

shift - walk (while moving)

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