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Death Bowl

Matt Waters
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Matt Waters Level 2
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Death Bowl
Death Bowl
· 24th

We are a bunch of nerds with a lot of experience playing games, but very little actually making them. This was our first attempt at a game jam, and we made a conscious decision to attempt this using no pre-made assets or libraries. In short, the experience was both highly educational and humbling, and also a lot of fun. Holy smokes, 48 hours goes by so much faster than you would expect…

Glad we were able to pull together something that is mostly playable, though there are lots of rough edges.

In particular, the posted version has some serious unintended issues with the level design, we had a major git conflict Sunday afternoon that reset the timing on all of the moving platforms and fireballs back to defaults vallues. As a result, it seems like the level might not be beatable with anything except the yellow double jump (I suspect a true platforming wizard with lots of time on their hands might be able beat it with the blue shield, but as far as I know, no-one has managed it).

Also, the crash when you beat the level was 100% definitelly meant as a metaphor about there being no victory in the crappy dystopian future that is Death Bowl… honest! It was certainly not a case of running out of time and not actually play testing the updated victory animations. Nope, that definitely is not what happened at all. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to play our game. Any and all feedback is very much appreciated, and if you do manage to beat the level, we’d love it if you shared a screenshot with the time remaining! (Leader boards were originally planned, but were cut for lack of time).

We hope to do some cleanup and release a “Definitive Edition” in the next few weeks, and look forward to doing more jams in the future! Cheers, Eddie