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Disco Diviner

Tydecon Games
Tydecon Games Level 46
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Disco Diviner
Disco Diviner
· 8th

TEST, TEST, TEST! For goodness sake, people, test your games! If there's one thing I learned from this experience it's that you need to allocate some time to testing. I've been a little out of practice recently as well so it was really great lighting a fire under me to get this game finished and with EXACTLY SIX SECONDS to spare, that was tight! But damn, I should scale down, plan better and TEST, TEST and TEST some more when I take part in the next one.
It's a lot of fun being a part of these, as it always is, and the community is great here. I really hope that we can muster up some more people to join in next time as this jam is great and I'd hate to lose it through lack of engagement. Tell you friends, tell your mother, tell your friend's mother, get everyone to join the jam in January!