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Momentum Rush

Lv. 3
Monkosum Level 3
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Momentum Rush
Momentum Rush
· 67th

Until the first day of making this game was over, it was something completely different. In May I made a game called "Red's Colloseum", and this game was almost the same, but with a countdown. I decided to change the genre of the game, which was a good idea, because I still had enough time to finish and it was something different than my last game, but also a bad idea, because I lost a lot of time. This caused bad music and ugly levels. This is what i would have fixed if I had more time. Because of this change, I thought the gameplay would be bad, but besides the momentum there are no problems. I may work as the coder in a team next time. Then there would be someone else making the music, the sprites, the leveldesign and the concept. I also liked the feedback, since it's not just the numbers you get at the end, but there are also people commenting on your game. Because of that I know why it got a good score at stability, and a bad score at sound. GM48 was an experience I won't miss in the future. I will make another game, keep the problems of this game in mind, and improve my GameMaker skills.