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Testing Application Gamma Post Mortem:

I wanna start this off by saying I hate the name Testing Application Gamma. I actually chose it last minute and had absolutely no clue what the name of this game was going to be while I was making it. I think its definitely more deserving of a better name...

This is my second GM48 entry, my last one being for GM48 "Countdown". At first, I was quite hesitant to participate in this one. My first time doing GM48 was jam-packed up to the bell, and that submission still had its collection of bugs and glitches. The only reason I participated (and even remembered) this GM48 is because I was asked by various members over at the r/GameMaker discord group if I was participating, to which I responded: "Wait... it's today?" After going to the store and grabbing some snacks, I sat down and started working.

I actually had a lot of fun making this one. It was really cool to see all the art, sound, and controls come together... something I had never gotten the chance to see with my main project. It got a bit stressful near the end because I wasn't able to fit in all the little story elements I wanted to, but from the ratings and feedback I got, I think the story does well.

I would certainly love to make more games themed like this, as it was very cool to see all the aesthetics come together. Also, if you liked the theming and aesthetic of this game, be sure to check out Local 58 on youtube, which was actually my main source of inspiration (My game is very similar to the video 'Real Sleep')

Most people really liked the story and visuals, and were quite blown away by it! However, the gameplay and stability were where I really kicked the bucket. The collision was a common issue that I heard of, and was actually present in my first GM48 submission as well, and was an issue with the code asset I was using. The game was actually meant to be more of an audio-visual experience, which I succeeded in!