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Operation Recycling

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Operation Recycling
Operation Recycling
· 24th

My first 'proper' gamejam game is done and I feel that I have enough feedback to discuss it.

I suppose the first thing to mention is that in terms of logic, this game was really easy to make. Probably the most complex thing in this project are switch statements and a single collision-forloop-dslist thing for the explosion. Otherwise I felt like I kind of glided through it without much resistance.

Which meant I could focus more on the polish, like the blood, Screenshake and animations. So if anything its the polar opposite of Gernade Splat

One thing I noted in the feedback is that everyone mentioned the weird layout. A small, dead easy problem but despite its smallness, was mentioned the most. So in the future, I ought to run a last play test before submitting, and realize that how the player inputs can make a big difference.

One last general thing I feel about Recycling is that it is a very mechanical game. There isn't any worthwhile story or characterization of much charm outside of the recycling bin which the game is named after. In theory this is fine but it kind of bother me because that's what I love about games, even if its small; charm, story, characters, a sense of wonder, a PERSONALITY. Other games like Hollow Knight are a huge source of inspiration for me to make games, and making a game that, while polished, is just about shooting and murdering as quickly and stylishly as possible kind of... almost places me away from why I enjoy and want to makegames in the first place.

Anyway, thanks for reading <3 Cya next jam with hopefully more charm