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John Bone

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John Bone
John Bone
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The project was maybe a bit ambitious for a team with two beginners. The initial idea was to have John transform to a reaper on death and resurrect at angel statues or by using souls. The soul revival mechanic didn't make it in time, similarly the variants of enemies didn't and therefore we only have a skeleton. Our biggest struggles were merging "view" files (.yy) between our own branches (using external software) and it frequently caused really frustrating situations. toward the end it got a bit better, but we still had to sacrifice the already implemented sounds for the 2 now implemented levels at the last conflict minutes before the deadline, because the merged version would simple "fail to load" the project.

While the game might not quite live up to the initial idea and not all produced assets made it into the game, everyone learned something during the jam and that's the important part!