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Kyon Level 25
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A year ago exactly I started with GM48 and I participated every time since then. This is my 5th GM48 game, and I think I worked the hardest on this one.

A year ago when I made my first gamejam game 'Dear Anna'. I remember being insanely proud and happy with the result. I think even with this game, Dear Anna is still my favourite self-made game. The games after that one all had the same feel/theme of depression and loss. This time I wanted something different.

The Weekend.

I crunched for two days straight and felt really unhealthy afterwards. But I was very proud of the result. The hardest part was day two, with only 7 hours left I still had to process, make, and implement ALL sound effects, make ALL music, make it so that the levels were playable in one session (I only had the ending, + the beginning of the game, no in-between yet or connection). And I didn't have any of the interrogation-scenes yet. But because the voice actors did the voice-acting for it I really wanted to put it in the game. So I did all that (art, code, mixing, implementing) in an insane amount of time, and made it seconds before the upload-time.

What I think of the game.

I like the game. But it didn't end up how I wanted it to be.

I like the atmosphere, the feel, but it's just very different than when I started the jam. I think it's incredibly funny to hear some of my friends voice-act, and I like the clunky-animations that go with it. But I dislike how even though I tried to make a less-vague story, the story doesn't make sense at all. Also, I really wanted to focus on gameplay. And I think this game really lacks that. The first time-loop puzzle isn't really that fun.


I'm very very grateful to being 3rd place this season. I know gamejams are there for fun, and just to make games. But I actually really wanted to win some time. I think it's really cool that it's possible for a story-related game like this to win a gamejam like this. I always learn a lot from these jams, and I already can't wait for the next one!