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2102 Level 20
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· 27th

This was my third game jam, but only my first GM48. I wasn't able to do even half of what I wanted to accomplish, but I'll just say that was because I didn't have any available time on Sunday. I haven't been doing much gamedev recently, so I had to get back into the swing of things too. I also spent WAY too much time on the running animation. Probably 2 hours was spent animating him and watching him run around the screen. That's probably the thing I'm most proud of besides the Ice Puzzle. It also took the longest to develop since that's when I realized that the character needed to snap to a grid position to make it work. I've never made a game that had smooth movement while needing to be confined by a grid, so that was fun to figure out. A lot of bugs came from that, but I was lucky since the ice puzzle was the first puzzle I made for the game. The items that you gather are: Gem (ice), Duck (Swampy/grassy area), Peach (moving trees), and Worm (teleport area) if you were curious. The music was created by my amazing wife, and it just fit the feel I was going for so well. I wanted to put sound effects in too, but I just ran out of time.

The final thing I completed was the first puzzle in the game. I felt there needed to be something more, and honestly, I meant to have 6 puzzles, but I only had time for 5. This puzzle took a lot to complete, but I was happy that it worked first try after I got all the code written and that almost never happens.

I have a tendency to make my games extremely difficult. Since I'm the primary tester for my games, I get really good at them by the time I'm done, so I never know what's a good difficulty for someone just starting. They're all set to the difficulty that I have the most fun at, and that I feel like is fair. Even though I've been making games for 10 years now, I still fall into that trap. I know this game would never win a jam, but I'm glad I made it, and I hope to make it even better in the future.