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Dis Island: Takeover

2102 Level 20
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Dis Island: Takeover
Dis Island: Takeover
· 34th

I wish I spent a little more time on the graphics and sound design part, but I definitely needed all the time in the world to get the game actually working. I wanted to get an AI working for single player, but I should've just scrapped that idea and made the two player thing the focus and fixed the other problems with the game. I also spent waaaaaay too long trying to figure out an error that happened because I had 4 if statements instead of 4 if-else statements. The Bigs wouldn't go left or up because the right and down directions would also trigger and overwrite the intended direction. That was about 3 hours of wasted time building the functionality several different ways until I found that problem. Better luck next time, I guess. I probably need to be working on games more before the jams, since I went in and had to relearn a bunch of stuff again. That always takes time.