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How to Participate

A detailed guide on how to participate in the gm(48)
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This guide serves as an introduction on how participation works.

If you're a first timer, then this is the perfect resource for you.

Check the schedule
While the game development part of the game jam is over a weekend, the entirety of the event is spread over the course of a month.

There's a few important dates to keep track of.

  • Theme Round #1 & Round #2

  • The game jam weekend

  • Ratings begins

  • Results and winners revealed

Find the dates at → gm48.net/schedules

Sign up to receive reminders

Why keep track of the dates in a calendar?

Never forget or miss out on on an upcoming gm(48) by receiving reminders directly to your inbox.

Subscribe at → gm48.net/never-miss-another-game-jam

Register an account

An gm48.net account is required for participation and submission.

Register for free at → gm48.net/register

Suggest and vote for themes

The first part of the game jam is the two rounds of the community voting for the theme.

All the theme candidates are suggested by the community, and go through these rounds of selection.

Check out the current round at → gm48.net/theme

Read up on the rules

There are some restrictions on how you may work on your game in order to ensure a fair competition.

Make sure that you have read the rules at → gm48.net/rules

The game jam starts!

Once the countdown on the frontpage hits zero, the theme is revealed and you can work on your game!

Your game must be submitted before the deadline is reached.

Submit your game at → gm48.net/submit

The game jam ends... and rating begins

Once the weekend is over, everyone can now critique and rate the submissions.

Find all the games at → gm48.net/games

The winners and results are revealed

The rating has ended, the scores have been calculated and the winners found!

The results are revealed at → gm48.net/results

That's all there is in broad-terms to participation.

Most questions can be answered at Frequently Asked Questions and as the organizer, I'm available on Twitter at https://twitter.com/tehwave and via e-mail at Contact us