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What is a Game Jam?

See in a few short minutes what there is to participating in the gm(48) game jam
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What is the gm(48) game jam?
The gm(48) game jam is a game development competition, where participants solo or in teams are challenged to create games within a deadline while adhering to a community-voted theme. These constraints are used to help focus your motivation, creativity and game maker skills on creating a playable and maybe your first game from scratch.

The game jam is open to GameMaker Studio 2 developers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Beginner or expert, young or old, artist or programmer, all are welcome in the gm(48) game jam community.

Participate and level up your GameMaker skills, receive constructive criticism and insights into how others perceive and play your games.

How do I participate?
All you have to do is visit the website when the game jam starts for the theme to be revealed, develop your game based on the theme, and submit it via the website.

Participation is free for everyone. To submit your game, you must register an account via → gm48.net/register

When do I participate?
While the game development part of the game jam is over a weekend, the entirety of the event is spread over the course of a month.

Find the exact dates over at → gm48.net/schedules

Never forget or miss out on on an upcoming gm(48) by receiving reminders directly to your inbox.

Subscribe for free at → gm48.net/never-miss-another-game-jam

There's no better time than now to start using GameMaker Studio 2. Book a weekend for the game jam and see what you can create with it.

Got any more questions? Try the answers over at Frequently Asked Questions, our How to participate guide or asking in our community Discord.