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  • Level 1
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Did you know there are more planes on the bottom of the sea than there are submarines in the sky?

Who Am I?

  • Another random 18 yo. guy who decided to choose game developing and drawing as a hobby

  • I'm from Surabaya, Indonesia. And although I barely understand English, translating from English to Indonesia or vice-versa shouldn't be a big problem. My #1 Informant (Google Translate) should do the trick. lol

I can do a lot of stuff, especially at ruining a big project lol

I started making games since 2012 and haven't made any significant progress since then.

What I've been up to?

  • Currently working on a small fighting game
  • Currently opening a commission! Contact me for further info

Technical Stuff

Software Used

  • Drawing and Designing: Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2013
  • Game Developing: GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop

Hardware Used

  • A Laptop
  • A Mouse

Contacts or whatever you call it


Yes, I do have a Steam Account.

Let me know if you want to play some L4D2 or something


In case you didn't notice that facebook button up there



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