Play a slug as you traverse difficult platforming levels with deadly traps. Solve puzzles in a top-down prospective as you push blocks to clear a path. Can you get the best time in this difficult game of swaping perpectives?

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  • Problematicar
    Lv. 37

    When someone uses installers a random child in the world starts crying.

    When someone has collisions like that a random child in the world not only cries but... I don't know, but it's not good.

    Cig Tower

    Cig Tower

  • D0genutt
    Lv. 2

    Completed with a score of 2225.02.1! I hope the higher the score is, the better it is...

    I know everyone else has said this but, Please don't use installers!!!

    Now I'll be honest with this game, it's fun but kinda rough around the edges so to speak. I really do like the fact that you included platforming with puzzle levels to help mix things up a bit. Which I think actually is pretty great you did that since the gameplay wasn't exactly the most smooth experience for the platforming bits. Not to say that the level design was bad, I thought the levels were pretty nice to play through, especially with the puzzle levels, I enjoyed them thoroughly and didn't have any real issues with them so a +1 in my book just for that ^^

    I said that gameplay in the platforming levels is rough, what I mean by that is the fact that the collisions just feel too punishing, like its a little unfair how big the collision hit boxes are, I can be not touching an enemy and it still would kill me just because the hitbox happened to cross into the other enemy's hitbox.

    Additionally, jumping was real tricky to use, the time to jump at the highest point was very short and so it was really hard to time precise jumps, especially on the last level where you had to get the highest jump to get up to the next part of the level. It was quite frustrating and I only managed to get past it by some random miracle where I got onto the platform somehow after jumping.

    Art wise, I do appreciate the fact that you didn't go with pixel art for the assets and for the most part the artwork is alright and animated to a decent level, however the backgrounds were kinda meh and didn't have the same level of refinement as the enemy/player sprites had. I understand that like making higher res artwork isn't easy or quick to do, but I do feel like there could have been more done to at least make the backgrounds fit in more. I also don't think having a navy blue color for the sky was the best idea in one of the levels, I would look into seeing how the atmosphere color changes with altitude. Or at the very least, make it a darker tone so its not so outstanding to the player.

    Music and sound quality, was alright. I wasn't blown away by the music, but I do think it's quite fitting for the game and definitely helped to set the atmosphere, my only critique for the music would be to make it a little louder. Sound effects, didn't blow me away either, it felt a little too empty as like there wasn't enough sounds really going on, no jumping or moving sounds, the only sound effects were of the enemies and I feel like more unique sound effects playing would have helped to make the levels sound more alive. Perhaps like a wind gusting throughout the lower levels before completely transitioning to the silence of the upper levels as they would be in space and stuff.

    A few more things I would like to note before finishing is that, I didn't like the fact that touching a spike was always auto death even if you weren't touching the spiky side, I fell for the sideways spike in one of the levels and that mildly peeved me a bit. Also having the dash go slightly faster would be nice.

    Overall, I had a pretty good time playing the game and I'd like to see more of this game in the future to see more time and content could do to make this game even better!

    (Also pretty good for a first jam game ^^)

    Lv. 36

    I did it with a score 0f 1286.70.42 :D

    I like the enemies design and their animations. I also like that sound they make when you get close to them.

    I like the diffrent modes. I have never seen a gamejam game that chages genre after each level.

    The level design is quite good and creative.

    When a spike is faced sideways, I always try to hop on it.

    The enemies hitboxes are bigger than their sprites.

    The dash could be a bit faster.

    I don't see why people hate installers?

    It seems like when you jump, you first go with maximum speed upwards, then maximum speed downwards. It would feel better if the gravity continuously slowed you down and then made you go downwards, like: vspeed += 0.5;

    But more importantly, I didn't find any bugs with the movement at all. I assume it took some time to fix them.

  • Peter 🌊 Jørgensen

    As the others have said, no installers! 😢

    However, I managed to complete it on my livestream with a final score of 1100.

    Great game!

  • WangleLine 🌸

    Please, for the love of god, don't submit installers. Export your game as an executable runner and give us that next time.

    For the controls, I feel like the jumps happen way too fast and it is often hard to "get" the highest point of a jump to execute other moves. I like that you used some real sounds for some of the creatures and actions!

  • Tero Hannula

    Hi, just played your game. I like you tried non-pixel graphics, though the sprites were a bit grude. But it's just 48 hours, and making high-res sprites is time-consuming. The background looked nice, but the background music was too quiet, and at the same time the death sound was bit too loud.

    I liked that there was bit variety, you climb outside by platforming and inside you have top-down puzzle. But platforming didn't feel good for few reasons. First, the I didn't like control layout, why use mouse, it felt unnecessary. I would have preferred controls for other hand; and jump and dash for other. Now one hand had controls and jump, and second only did the dash. This made the platforming more frustrating.

    I played the game little over 10 minutes, and got to the 5th level, but then I just couldn't get any further, as I kept dying. The collisions are too unforgiving, or better to say, you hit things which you shouldn't based on sprites, here is example of first enemy in 5th level: The sudden change in screen is when I get hit and restart the level, as you can see, the enemy is far away and should not kill the player. So, in next game, try give more forgiving collisions. The jumping and gravity felt odd, too high gravity and then suddenly fall speed caps. This makes timing your double jumps harder. On other hand about collisions, I did not get stuck on the walls, which is nice. But hey, think this as learning experience and next time improve these aspects :) Most important is collisions in platforming: smaller 'kill hitboxes', they don't need to be same as 'wall collision hitboxes'. This would dramatically enchance player experience, as now it has unfair deaths.

    Also, in general, people do not like installers. So next time export game as a exe, which can be played straight away :)

    • Sean Adams
      Lv. 1
      Sean Adams Coder of Space Slug

      4yrs ago

      Thank you for the advice. I appreciate the comments. This was my first game jam so it was a good experience. If I do another I will work on these things.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Avatar

    4yrs ago

    Tried to play it put it popped up a "do you want to allow this program to make changes to your PC" window.