You are an aspiring graffiti artist in the galaxy, go make your name known and color every ship possible!

There are many things in the galaxy other than ships though, so be careful to steer clear of them when looking for a target on the space map.

Your goal whenever you board a ship is to paint the entire thing with any combination of your colors.

You have a variety of tools in your arsenal (like the airbrush cannon and street sweeper) but some of them require parts to be useful. Collect parts to upgrade your tools and watch your output color change accordingly.

Once a ship is totally colored, your mission on it is complete. You can add its name to your list of successful tags and move onto the next one!

Good luck!

  • Movement WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Shoot Spacebar or Left Mouse Click
  • Select Ship Move Mouse and Click

A Game by AdventureByte

Record Paint Times
  • Mini: ---
  • Medium: ---
  • Mega: ---

Feel free to let us know your fastest ship clear times (screenshot for extra points) and we will update the scores here!

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  • Jupiter Hadley
    Lv. 13

    Fun game! I included it in my GM48: Colors are Important compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

  • FrogWax
    Lv. 5

    The colours didn't seem too important here as per the theme, but I really enjoyed this game regardless. Area affects on the squares you lay down, or having them affect mobs in different ways might add more complexity to gameplay. It's a nice top down shooter, with a very interesting and polished looking map system. I'm not sure if any of this is procedural? but there are a variety of maps that seem to vary depending on which ships you board which makes the world feel HUGE. The animation between selecting and boarding a ship was very nicely done, and gave that perfect sci-fi feel. Playing as an octopus in a containment robot is brilliant too. Very nicely presented presented and fun game, great work!

    • Adventure Byte
      Lv. 12
      Adventure Byte Developer of Galactic Graffiti

      5yrs ago

      I'm glad that you enjoyed the cut scenes and map room, a lot of time was put into those two features!

      In terms of Galactic Graffiti all color is equally important and the total amount applied to a white ship is the key to beating each level. The different colors the character paints indicate your current nozzle upgrade (from worst to best: blue -> green -> orange).

      The space ships, asteroids, and planets (along with their sizes and speeds) are all randomly generated each time you enter the star map. As for the ship layouts those are procedurally generated using a sprite as the base template. That was by far the most fun technical part of this game to implement and saved lots of time when adding multiple ship types.

      Thanks for playing and for recommending new features! :)

  • Jamblefoot
    Lv. 8

    Great job, there's a lot of neat ideas going into this. I couldn't figure out if there was any significance to the different colored paints, or if enemy color made a difference, but I played through a few ships. I think my fastest time was 35 seconds, though that was a pretty small ship

    • Adventure Byte
      Lv. 12
      Adventure Byte Developer of Galactic Graffiti

      5yrs ago

      Hey that's a great time!

      The different colors you shoot and paint on the floor correlate to your current paint nozzle ("weapon") upgrade. The basic, single shot nozzle is blue, the middle tier (spread shot) is green, and the top tier (rapid fire) is orange.

      All color is equally important when painting a ship though and the jelly enemy colors are purely aesthetic. Thanks for taking the time to play and leave feedback!