Anna and the R brothers is a puzzle game featuring 3 companions: Rall, Rett and Rinn RallRettRinn

Solve puzzles along the way to get Anna to the diamond.

  • 1 - Control Anna (A/D - move left/right | W - jump)
  • 2 - Control Rall (A/D - roll left/right)
  • 3 - Control Rett (W/S/A/D - fly around)
  • 4 - Control Rinn (Left mouse button to teleport)
  • R - Restart level if you get stuck
  • Space - toggle levers/buttons
  • Z - zoom in/out
  • M - toggle music and sounds
  • F10 - toggle between fullscreen/windowed
  • Escape - Quit the game
  • I - View the controls in-game
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  • StereoJunkie
    Lv. 4

    So obviously work on the art a bit. I like the slight animation of sprites but would have LOVED to play this game even more if it had really good immersion. A bit of a story to be implemented. Maybe even unlocking/finding/saving the companions as you go. Also very weird combo with the companions and a well dressed lady.

    I'd say the hardest level was level 4, you needed some good timing. I liked it :)

    • Westwud
      Lv. 5
      Westwud Developer of Anna and the R brothers

      5yrs ago

      Thanks for playing! I was struggling with art... it's not my strong side. I was more focused on making the gameplay good. Glad you finished the game.

  • Jamblefoot
    Lv. 8

    Really neat game! The use of the theme was perfect, and the puzzle mechanics were pretty solid. Timing some stuff to get where I needed to go could be a bit frustrating, but I'm pretty clumsy with that stuff, anyway. Sound effects are well done, too. Great job!

    • Westwud
      Lv. 5
      Westwud Developer of Anna and the R brothers

      5yrs ago

      Thanks for the feedback. After playtesting every part of the levels more than 10 times, I got used to it and thought the game would be too easy.