A small wario-ware like game, missing audio and pretty much everything else! I didn't have much time over the weekend this 48 hr game jam was more like 5hr for me. I used this game jam to start my wario-ware game I wanted to make. Hopefully I'll expand on it in the future

Controls - Use the arrow keys to move or follow the prompts

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  • baku

    Obviously very short and simple, but the art was very cute. Certainly not bad for a 5 hour game!

  • SpaceMyFriend
    Lv. 15

    Well the world needs more wario ware games so please continue on this! :) I thought the little scene of the cats drinking at the coffee shop together was cute.

    For 5 hours, nice job! :)



    • NikoTheNeko
      Lv. 2

      aaa thank you so much!! It's a project I wanted to do for a month now so kinda just got off my butt and worked on it. I think I got the framework down with this game jam so now it's just a matter of making the games and tweaking the speed of the game and stuff. Glad you liked the cats at the coffee shop too! I wanted to make my two little boys have a bit more to it like how WarioWare does its transitions like the elevator and stuff but a still image of them having coffee was good enough for now.