Down The Road

Down The Road is a short story-driven game with action-platformer elements. Play as Astrid and Aden, and find out what happened between this cross-dimension companionship.

  • Gamepad: Joystick for movement, A to jump, X to attack.
  • Keyboard: Arrowkeys or A+D for movement. Up or W to jump.

Game, Music & Art made by Kyon Edelenbosch


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  • Kwis
    Lv. 67
    • Control choice: It feels weird to choose (with the keyboard on top of that) It should be automatic (either both work, either you detect if a gamepad is plugged in)

    Now, I can't really point out good and bads easily with your games. This game gave me a strong Dear Anna feel which I instantly remembered when I played it.

    The atmosphere is pretty nice, the game feels really immersive. It felt interesting to have two characters who seemed to belong to two different worlds. When we play Aden, we notice how slow our character is and how tied it is to its own world. It participates in the contrast between their worlds.

    Now, the problem I have with the story is that it raises questions that aren't answered. As in... how come they're so different yet connected? What does this connexion imply?

    As we play the characters, we create some kind of relationship with them. But not being shown what ties them in the story (outside perhaps being past couples, being subject to a rupture) makes it, imo, fall a bit flat.

    I am assuming we are missing a lot due to the time restriction, because it feels just like that: something essential is missing. As a result, the fights showing us how Astrid is don't feel like they connect well with the story and thus feel unnecessary, because that difference between their world feels trivial. It would have been nice to have that difference have a clearer impact. I assume either one of them left the other, or one of them (Astrid) is dead (the car going down the mountain at full speed, if that was intended). But nothing really ties it. Having a mystery is something, but we're left without enough material to make a satisfying interpretation.

    Again, I assume the lack of time was what caused that problem (I mean, I'm pretty sure most of us suffered from that, me included aha)

    Aside that anyway, the atmosphere works really well, it's just that it isn't relevant enough in relation with the story.

    Great game nonetheless, nice to see an "end" to the story in any case!

    Dream On

    Dream On

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Hi Kwisarts, thanks for the feedback, it really helps! Even though you say you think you missed a lot, you sort of figured it out.

      I try to leave the story somewhat open-enough to let the player make their own story. Which is what I did with Dear Anna especially. No one experienced the story I had in my mind with making that game haha. The idea I had with this game is indeed that Astrid is dead, died in that car crash. And Aden is just coping with all that, blaming/hating his self. I planned for more scenes to explain this a bit better, but yeah, I had to scrap half of my levels because of the time.

      (btw control choice doesn't even work haha, doesn't matter what you choose, gamepad and keyboard both work)

      Thanks again! :)

  • Andrew
    Lv. 4

    This was a touching story, and it's very impressive that you were able to make a game that could tell a complete story like this in 48 hours.

    Well done!

  • Tero Hannula

    Hi, this had similiraties with your previous game. This was nice and had pleasent graphics, I also checked your other work from Twitter, and saw that you are used to this kind of graphical aspect.
    First time I played, I glitched while I got hit by monster and tried hit it: after animation character stood without responding :( Anyhow, it was well done game :) Esir. Yeah, I did finish it before giving feedback ^^

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Thanks Tero! I was really proud of my previous game 'Dear Anna' and I wanted to try something like that again, but this time more fast-paced and use all the feedback I had from that one. I guess I'm slowly creating a memorable-graphic style haha, or maybe it's because I'm one of the only ones who is using vector-art in gamemaker.

      Too bad about the glitch, I've encountered more glitches like that, was hoping no one saw them haha, had no time to fix it. Were you able to finish the game anyway? (as in, did you restart?)

      Thanks again

  • s7stringmadness
    Lv. 4

    Very cool! I think it's one of the only story driven games I've seen on here so far. The art was pretty clean, and the story was deep. Nice job!

  • AverageGoob
    Lv. 13

    That was deep...I know it was short due to the time given, but it has a start and an ending. It got the message across! I don't feel like it fit the theme so much though, but maybe that's because I interpreted the theme to be using a companion to accomplish something. Great atmosphere! Nice game overall...I wish there was more!

    • Kyon
      Lv. 25

      Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it! :) I used the theme as a story-enhancer instead of making it a gameplay mechanic. I guess that works because I always make very story-driven games.