Fight your way through Goblins, protecting your Knight as he attempts to rescue the Princess from the Goblin King. Turns out, you grabbed the shortest straw and you must accompany the dumbest Knight in the Kingdom. He gets distracted constantly, is scared of Goblins, and even forgot he handed you his sword.

You're a saint of a companion for sticking with him. You are...

...a Squire.


W - Jump
A - Move Left
D - Move Right
J - Swing Sword

Known Issues

There is a missing level between the Farmlands and Caves. There's supposed to be a Forest level, but we didn't catch that until it was too late.

The window gets resized every time a new level starts. Resizing was a late addition that didn't get tested very well.

Sometimes the Knight gets stuck for a bit. Don't worry about him, just keep going and he'll catch up.

Swinging your sword on the End Screen makes the game crash.

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  • Maytch
    Lv. 2

    Nice idea! I think it could do with a few bug fixes before taking it forwards. Goblins kept standing on my head, and the knight ran off back to the beginning of the level a few times.

    • misterslapdash
      Lv. 5

      Ha, yeah. The knight and goblin AI were a little unpolished. Thanks for the feedback!

      I thought of a different AI architecture much later in development that would have made more sense, but time was running out.

      Thanks for playing!

  • Jean-Bernard G
    Lv. 4

    Ok, I just finish the game. Now I can let a feedback :) The art is nice, the sound is good and I really like the fact that you put a little story. I've got some troubles with some enemies in my head that I' can't hit and it really bothers me sometimes. But I find a little tip to make the game really easy. If you let the J key pressed, and let come the enemies to you, you don't get so much damage. At least this is always to the knighthood to make all the job xD

    Egg Friend

    Egg Friend

    • misterslapdash
      Lv. 5

      Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the feedback!

      There ended up being a small issue with the goblin attacks. Sometimes if they die right as they're about to attack, they attack anyway. Maybe we'll call it a "last stand" feature or something.

      Thanks for playing!